Friday, 3 February 2012

We have the person that always inspired us.

Bismillah & Assalamualakum.
Okay. The second entry for my blog(i don't know if the bloggers really called it as entry) :). Suddenly i wanna told about this great women that i know. Some of us, select @ choose an artist to be their idol(well, supposed in Islam, we cannot named the person as idol). Oklah, i changed the word to role model. Tadaaa! Sound so interesting!! :D Can u guess who is she? I'm beat, u most probably think that she is my mummy. Nope! She is the second one.(hahaha....sorry mama, but I still love u sooooooo much, and u know that!!). Jeng,jeng,jeng. See this picture, and start guessing who she is.

This beautiful lady is Datin Dr Halina Mohd Yunos and her adorable daughter Sophea Isabella Sheikh Muzaphar.

As u know(probabbly most people forget who she is....), she is wife to our first astronaut, Dato Dr Sheikh Muzapahar Shukor. They getting married on 10.10.2010, and giving birth to first daughter on 21.7.2011. She is the first child in her sibling, and yes she is a doctor ;). Give u 4 very good reason why i admire her so much and pick her as my role model(mostly, people especially girls, will choose her husband to be their role model..hahaha...silly,no need to put the reason why).

#1. Yes, she is women and I'm women.(not strong enough eh?urmmm....). Most basically she is a doctor. Yeay!! I just love Biology so much, although saya skrg dalam usaha menghabiskan degree dalam engineering core. I'm continued to study Biology by myself, and yet gained more knowledge by visiting her blog(, and my first impression was like WOW!! She a working mother, and yet she still have a time to share with other people. Especially para ibu-ibu, mommies2, pregnant women how to give really good attention to their children. Thus, she also tak lokek nak berkongsi some very good stuff that she bought for her daughter. Thus, I'm sharing this knowledge with my untie, maksu, makcik, tokcik, makngah,mak long and lots of cousin.hahah.(trying to be doctor wannabe....) Ofkos lah kan, sharing is loving.;)

#2. Beauty comes with intelligent!! Dang..She so pretty, young and really intelligent(no wonder why our angkasawan choose her to be his wife). I adore her lovely flawless skin, and i really hope it's mine*wink*. She much prettier than any doctor I ever meet ;D and yet absolutely genius and intelligent. 

#3. Last but not least, we have the common interest! As she said on her blog, 
I am a left-brain person. Meaning, I deal with math, logical thinking, facts and rules better than my right-brain functions. I am not a philosophical, imaginative person. Typical doctor trait. Give me math problems.. done! Ask me to draw.. gone case! Haha..
yes doc, I have the same problem to, no wonder my seni lukisan teacher give an C+ everytime she asked me to draw. I even cannot draw a tree perfectly, it turns out to be my mum face at the end, the really scary faced one.(okay, mama...once again,this happen when I was a little girl....hehe).

#4. Really attracting me about satu entry that she wrote that have a title sounds like this, 'First Baby Step'. At first I thought it's about her baby, Bella, but I was wrong! It's about her having the feeling to wear tudung.(ahh!that really keep me tacing doc, and until now days keep inspiring me to wear tudung too :")). Wondering huh why she said a baby step?(at first I'm also think that Bella started to tak tih, and walking). The metaphor is, she want to start wearing selendang first and move foward as time goes by. Allhamdulillah :) In her statement, she also state that:
 I’m sure some of us who doesn’t wear scarves wants to start somewhere along the line but they are afraid of being scrutinize and criticize and screwed! 
Doc, it makes me cry. Somewhere, somehow ada jugak orang yang faham bagaimana rasanya someone like me, like us wanna change so badly. You can read the whole text here, Really-really-really inspiring me :)

Done! There you go. A very-very-very-very strong reason why I really adore her. Some people or human out there might said that, hey why u reading that blog, u are not married yet(kindda windy...hurmmm), it's waste of time u only 21 years old(pun ada jugak kan?). But please, as I mentioned there in my profile, someday I'm gonna be a wife, mother and grandmother, so this as preparation for me before stepping into marriage life. Importantly, I'm sharing with all of you guys out there, GIRLS especially, and also teach other people to understand women health. Berkongsi kan dapat pahala, apatah lagi ianya ILMU. .;). As for now, I only can write until here. May it can show u something that we all can share with everybody. And so sorry about my broken english and grammatically error. Still learning, and we as human always and cannot run from doing mistakes ;). Lots of love.


Monday, 8 August 2011

New kids in home!

Well starting as new freshie. This is not like a diary(urmm...maybe a few):p but I'm trying to post something that we all can share.Just kept this as my  platform for sharing knowledge and information. Oh! I got headache while trying to make my blog looking so good(but simple is goooooood!):). Okay, it's 4am in the morning. Argh! What am I doing?? Trying to get an enough sleep so I would looked like "Sleeping Beauty" in the morning. Good night :)